Watch This Fisherman In Lebanon Catch A Massive Tuna Fish!

A Giant Tuna Fish Was Caught By A Fisherman in Tyre.
Yasour | Instagram/@tyrepage

In a rare occurrence, a fisherman in Tyre, South Lebanon, caught a tuna fish that weighs over 200 kg.

Antoine Jouny was fishing with his brother Bechara on the western side of the city when he caught the giant fish, hundreds of meters away from the “Al-Jamal” shore.

The tuna’s weight was estimated to be close to 220 kg, and it was caught using a fishing rod.

Jouny, who later sold the fish to a seafood store in Tyre, said that he spent around 3 hours trying to move the fish to land after catching it. “We, as fishermen, rarely catch tuna because it is only found in the depths,” he said.

Usually, the weight of an Atlantic bluefin tuna averages between 220 and 250 kg.

The fish is native to the western and eastern Atlantic Ocean, as well as the Mediterranean Sea, but it generally lives at depths between 500 and 1,000 meters, which makes it a rare and challenging catch, especially for underequipped fishermen.

Fishing, in Tyre and other coastal areas, has always served as a vital food source for many people in Lebanon. This source is becoming increasingly important today, amid the prevailing economic crisis.

In this context, the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture and Culture recently signed an agreement with the International Union for Conservation of Nature to provide technical assistance for sustainable fisheries in the country.

The agreement comes as part of the ministry’s plan to develop and organize the investment of Lebanon’s marine wealth.

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