The Turkish Powerships Just Stopped Powering Lebanon

Al Arabiya

The two Turkish ships Fatmagül Sultan and Orhan Bey have officially stopped providing electricity to Lebanon due to their contract ending. Their withdrawal starts on Friday.

The contract made between Lebanon and Karpowership in 2018 extended the stay of these powerships for 3 more years, and they provided almost 25% of Lebanon’s electricity needs.

The ships stopped operating previously in May due to overdue fees and allegations of corruption but resumed operation in June out of goodwill towards Lebanon’s harsh situation.

These powerships were one of many yet temporary solutions that past governments came up with to solve the electricity issue.

Now, Lebanon is facing the consequences of these ineffective solutions as Electricite du Liban (EDL) struggles to provide electricity for the population due to the unavailability of fuel.

Even private generators, which were the Lebanese people’s go-to for electricity, are now struggling to keep up as prices of fuel keep rising, which happened recently

The subsidized fuel was being smuggled to Syria for profit, and many gas stations were hiding their fuel awaiting the lifting of subsidies in order to increase their profits.

Despite the many promises of 24/7 electricity, the current government putting electricity in its priorities, and fuel from various countries, Lebanon is only plunging into darkness.

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