Turn Your Lights Off And See These Magical Views Above Lebanon!

Electric light has been of the most used inventions in the last 100 years. It can be found on the streets, in your house, and in every corner where people exist. This invention helped people “see” at night.

But this beloved invention has its own little dangerous secret which causes a highly important, but ignored, threat: light pollution. Light pollution has been around since the excessive use of artificial light sources and especially electric light. This kind of pollution can be seen in most of the cities and villages where artificial lights have been taking over it at night. 

Light pollution is dangerous because it has negative effects on people and on our planet. It can disrupt ecosystems, ruin a lot of astronomical researches, and waste energy. 

In Lebanon, light pollution is clearly seen in Beirut and many other cities. Villages also were hit by this pollution a few years ago and this will lead to a great loss in our stunning night scenes and our unique night sky.

However, astrophotographers and stargazers managed to find some spots where artificial light has nearly no effect on the skies due to the low use of it. 

Stunning views and amazing sceneries can be seen in dark places away from artificial lights. The Milky Way, the galaxy that contains our solar system, can be seen and captured in those dark locations. 

These magical scenes are usually unknown to a large number of people. Those living in the cities and away from the dark skies haven’t discovered the beauty of the night sky and its amazing celestial objects like the stars and the planets. 

Imagine if we turned all the lights off for a night: Stars, planets, and even the Milky Way will be visible to all. This will make us all appreciate the planet we are on and this will make us work further in order to keep our planet safe, secure, and clean from all types of pollutions.