This Guy’s Tweet Got Major Restaurants In Lebanon To Donate Food To Street Cleaners!


Ahmad Sherkwai

sent out a tweet to two restaurants asking what it would take for them to donate meals to street cleaning personnel. He tweeted to Crepaway and Roadsters with the hopes of collecting 100 meals – asking “how many retweets needed to take those [meals] free?”

Then Crepeaway almost immediately offered the 100 meals.

Which was exactly what happened. Roadsters joined in offering another 100 meals.

Then Zaatar W Zeit joined.

Assaha donated 10 meals

Then someone offered to take care of picking up and delivering the meals!

At this point, they secured more than 300 free meals! But there’s more…McDonald’s checked in to see if they can still join!

And minutes later, donated 100 meals.

Then the next morning, the one and only


 joins in!

Over 400 meals donated so far! How ‘sweet’ of them (pun intended).


Ahmad said that their “main objective is to serve the community in what we are able to do.” So we reached out to him with a few questions:

Did you expect this kind of reaction from people and the restaurants?I have confidence in Lebanese people and I am sure that this campaign will grow as a snowball.Do you expect more restaurants to join in? Have been contacted by any others so far?

I expect more companies to roll in into this campaign. The problem is in the delay of response which is due to either the absence of continuous monitoring of the companies’ social media pages or the decision to wait to check if this campaign will actually succeed. We have been contacted by many private companies that are not into restaurants business and we are discussing how they can help.

We are giving a chance for other companies to take part of this initiative and at the same time, we are coordinating with the municipalities in Beirut, Saida and Tripoli to accompany us during the pickup and delivery.

This will give more credibility to this campaign and will motivate other company to participate.

When do you plan on distributing the meals to the street cleaners?

We should give out the first meals Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

People are sceptical, as usual. Is this a PR stunt?

Not at all. This is a personal campaign and the volunteers are all working from a humanitarian perspective. I don’t accept to consider this a PR stunt. This initiative is done to benefit the less fortunate people by cooperating with the private companies and the social media activists. This initiative will not stop here. The next initiative will happen in May and will keep it as a surprise.

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