10 Things Lebanese People Would Do If They Were Leaders

TDS/Mohammad Azakir | Omar Imady

The Lebanese hashtag If I were the leader (لو_انا_الزعيم) has been trending on Twitter in Lebanon with many explaining what they’d do differently than their current leaders.

Here’s what they got to say.

#1 Fix the exchange rate

“If I were the leader, I’d keep the dollar at 1,500 LBP.”

#2 Stop the monopoly of all sectors

“If I were the leader, I’d stop the monopoly of all sectors and open the door to competition with supporting agriculture, tourism, and industry.”

#3 Make pensions for the hungry and unemployed

“If I were the leader, I would have made pensions for people who have no food and who are unemployed.”

#4 Wouldn’t have left the people to face things on their own

“If I were the leader, I wouldn’t have left the people to face their own ill fate, the stolen money, and their children’s lost future.”

#5 Benefit from the talented youth

“If I were the leader, I would have created a plan to benefit from the rising youth instead of letting them migrate and go and give their talents to other countries.”

#6 Say no to any leader

“No to any leader… but for an official who respects the constitution, the law, and serves the people without discrimination.”

#7 End sectarianism

“If I were the leader, the first thing I’d do is end political sectarianism that is the cause of every problem in Lebanon.”

#8 Condemn everyone indifferent towards pain

“There are no victories in a country defeated by indifference towards the poverty of its children, the unemployment of its youth, the failure of its economy, and the absence of its development, for everyone is condemned.”

#9 Protect women from domestic violence

“If I were the leader, the first thing I’d do is pass a death sentence law to protect women from domestic violence.”

#10 Give child custody to the mother

“If I were the leader, I’d give custody of the children to the mother and impose monthly childcare from the state.”

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