Twitter Replaces Flag Emoji With Heart-Shaped Lebanese Flag

August 4th will be forever engraved in the Lebanese hearts. The massive blast took down lives, businesses, and the hearts of people around the world. Suddenly, Beirut turned gray with ashes descending in the fallen city.

The Lebanese are shocked, panicked, and worried about their future. We are looking for answers on why ammonium nitrate was sitting in our docks, how this happened, and what’s next for us.

The blast took away all of our pain, sweat, and tears. Small businesses also took the fall; ruining years of hard work.

Other than Instagram, Twitter went crazy ever since August 4. Hashtags were trending worldwide regarding the event. Many civilians used their platform to ensure their safety and share videos of their destroyed homes.

#Beirut was trending on Twitter which caught the attention of international celebrities, authorities, and media outlets. For that reason, Twitter changed the Lebanese flag’s shape into a heart, showing their support.

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