This Is How Lebanese Twitter Users Are Reacting To A Traffic Light Sign In Beirut

@SarahDadouch | @rebirthbeirut

With Lebanon’s financial crisis worsening by the day, the multi-faceted calamity has affected the pillars of Lebanon’s economy.

This has translated into an alarming increase in poverty, problems in the health and banking sectors, and the significant deterioration of the energy sector that is crippled by years of corruption; to name a few.

Since the beginning of the crisis, and through the various tragic events that occurred, from the soaring inflation rates, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the Beirut port explosion, local NGOs have rushed to help the people, including with attempts to lift their spirits.

The energy sector is one of the most “damaged” in the country, with many Lebanese households living in total darkness, unable to pay double-bills: for the government electricity that is barely available, and for private generators to fill the gap.

Power outages have impacted everything in Lebanon, including road safety.

On Monday, a Lebanese Twitter user posted a tweet showing a sign on a traffic light in Beirut saying: “with every traffic light, we ignite hope.”

After she posted the tweet, many have rushed to express their opinion, not with just little sarcasm and bitterness.

One user said, “Attempting to get people to stop at traffic lights in Beirut…indeed an act of hope!”

“I hate to be that person, but there seems to be more traffic now that the lights are back, but at least I don’t feel like I’m gonna do an accident every time I drive!” another one added.

The initiative “With every traffic light, we ignite hope” was launched in February by the Lebanese NGO Rebirth Beirut to operate the traffic signs in Beirut using solar panels.

Seeing traffic lights working shouldn’t be shocking, but it is in Lebanon where the signs of governmental neglect are common and widespread, partaking in people’s daily life and misery.