For The First Time: Two Lebanese Taekwondo Players Were Qualified For The Grand Prix 2022


In the ongoing achievements of Lebanese people in sports, the Taekwondo players Ray Rahy and Tarek Moussally have qualified for the Grand Prix 2022.

The Grand Prix for the top 30 players in the world, taking place in Rome, Italy will be held coming June.

The two Lebanese players were qualified after winning enough points that make them eligible to participate in the international event.

Their qualification follows the successful plan by the Lebanese Taekwondo Federation, headed by Dr. Habib Zarifa, based on the participation of Lebanon’s national players in tournaments and competitions internationally.

The President of the Lebanese Taekwondo Federation, Dr. Habib Zarifa, explained that the qualification to the Grand Prix 2022 is a great achievement for Lebanon, as it is the first qualification for Lebanese athletes.

“My fellow countrymen and women, I would like to formally congratulate you, and all our Lebanese and Taekwondo Community for achieving the nomination of 2 of our champions for the Grand Prix 2022: Ray Rahi and Tarek Mousalli […] Thank you guys for making our great nation worth the sacrifice,” Dr. Zarifa shared on Instagram.