Two Lebanese Ministers & More Just Resigned In Protest Against Govt

In light of recent events, Lebanese have had enough with their politicians; from members of their Parliament, Council of Ministers, Prime Minister, and their President.

Ever since the October Revolution in 2019, they have been protesting the failing government regime, demanding everyone’s resignation.

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The massive Beirut Port Explosion was nothing anyone could ever forgive.

Among those who stand outraged with the people are some government officials, like MP Hamadeh and Ambassador Tracy Chamoun who resigned after the blast, both accusing the government of incompetence and corruption, respectively.

And now more are doing the same.

Paula Yacoubian and Samy Gemayel, head of the Kataeb party, announced their resignation from the Lebanese parliament. Gemayel also announced the resignations of his party’s deputies.

The Kataeb party lost its Secretary General, Nizar Nijaryan, as a result of the explosion.

At the funeral, Samy Gemayel directly apologized to the martyr Nazih and his family and announced his resignation.

Addressing president Aoun in his speech, he said: “What happened wasn’t a disaster, but an opportunity that is going to end the old Lebanon you represent. Lebanon won’t be the same after the events of August 4th.”

From her side, Paula Yacoubian, a long-known activist who has been in the streets these days cleaning and rebuilding with the people, resigned from the parliament in coordination with the Kataeb’s members.

These resignations are strong statements that these officials refuse and reject the current state in its incapability to perform and to be an independent political authority, and hence govern the country’s affairs for the benefits of the Lebanese nation and only the Lebanese nation.

The same stance was taken a few days only before the blast by Minister of Foreign Affairs Hitti, who resigned, refusing to be forced to compromise his principles, as he stated.

In that, these officials are joining the people in their fight for justice and reforms.

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