Breaking: Two Breaths Were Just Detected Under Beirut’s Rubble, May Belong To Children!


Exhausted after over 24 hours of search, the rescue teams along with the entire world watching in anticipation began to lose hope.

But now, it seems that instead of one possible survivor, there now might be two!

According to local media reports, the two breaths could belong to two children.

“The breath is evident on the staircase, between the house and the pizza restaurant next door,” said Al-Jadeed, reporting from the ground.

Later, an independent reporter insisted live on Al-Jadeed that “two strong breaths” were detected.

Yesterday, Flash, the Chilean rescue dog, discovered signs of life from under the rubble in Gemmayze.

It was reported that two bodies were detected under the rubble; one belonging to an adult who has passed, and the other assumed to be a child with a faint heartbeat.

When rescue workers did not find anyone in the building, the search continued and brought back a hope greater than before.

Two survivors and the rescue team is speculating to be two children…!