10+ types of Lebanese people you see on Instagram!

The Lebanese community on Instagram is a world of its own. Here are the types of people you might be following!


#1 The adventure enthusiasts

  These people are always on an adventure. Their feeds are filled with pictures taken in caves, valleys, waterfalls, you name it. Following them is the best way to discover new places.

#2 The foodies

  They can afford to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at restaurants every day. How do they do it? No idea.


#3 The fashionistas

  “Giveaway time!” “Just received these goodies!” “We’re announcing something exciting next week!”

#4 The ones who are always traveling 

The perks of having a foreign passport along with the Lebanese one…


#5 The party animal

You don’t need to go to a party every week. Just watch their stories every night, that’ll do.

#6 The selfie addicts

  They take selfies all day every day and somehow manage to take selfies in the middle of an exam without getting caught.


#7 The ones who misuse quotes

  What does a quote about life’s difficulties have to do with a picture of you at Rikky’z?

#8 The hipsters

  They try to convince us that a picture of a cigarette in black and white is artsy. It’s not.


#9 The ones who think that Instagram is like Facebook

  They upload 17 pictures in a row.

#10 The inspirational Instagrammers

  They love creating their own quotes.


#11 The “I was born in the wrong generation” Instagrammer

  They wear vintage outfits, listen to old songs, and complain that the old times were better. Why would you want to be born in the 70’s? There was a civil war going on!

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