9 Types Of People You Will Find At A Lebanese Hairdresser

So you’re up for a haircut or blow-out for your .. whatever event and you’re ready to get going to your favorite hairdresser. But you’re not gonna be there alone and these are the types of people that you’re most likely to meet:

Types of People at a Lebanese Hairdresser

#1 New Hair New Me

Probably she will just get a trim to get rid of split ends but will bombard her Instagram with selfies a la Coco Chanel: “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”.

#2 The Crybaby

Because she just simply cannot get rid of her split ends.

#3 The Blabbermouth

The one who likes to excessively tell her *interesting* story about mart khala yalle nesyit el rakwe 3al nar li2ano kenit 3am tehdar Amir El Layl all over again!

#4 The Selfie Addict

Selfie abel el ghasil, selfie during ghasil, selfie huwe w 3am yzabbetlik sha3rik, selfie during brushing and selfie with the hairdresser when it’s all over. Because Instagram will shut down if you won’t post your selfie at the hairdresser every 5 minutes.

#5 The Shy One

Because she is too intimidated to admit that hairdresser messed up her hair, night and life.

#6 The Ni2a One

Please ma tkattirle spray, eh 2asseron sway aktar, la2 2assarton ktir, please 3alliyon mn hon, la2 rja3 wattiyon, ktir fattahton hek la2 rja3 ghamme2on, rah yadyno la 3ashiye? please rja3 7ettele spray aktar shway…..

#7 The One who kept the “Brushing” since last Friday

and it’s Wednesday.

#8 The ‘Please ma t2assirle ktir’

And keeps getting disappointed.

#9 The Trend Follower

Sheft el new look taba3 Haifa Wehbe? Eh bede metla Who are you when you go to your hairdresser?

Contributed by Valeriya Y. Yermolenko

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