The 9 Types Of People You Find At The Beach In Lebanon!

Most of the Lebanese people went to the beach, took selfies, and posted them on social media, so we can say that it’s officially summer in Lebanon! Just like there are certain types of Lebanese people at the gym, in pubs, or

hair salons

, there are specific types of Lebanese people at the beach.

Here are the 9 types of people that you encounter at the beach in Lebanon!

#1 The ones who bathe in sunscreen

You can’t see them because they are soaked in sunscreen. Yet, they insist on sitting under the sun. Where is the logic? Looks like Slender Man is one of them!

#2 The women who forget that they are at the beach

They wear full makeup, have their hair done, wear heels, and most importantly, they do not swim. Also, if a drop of water touches their skin, they will scream so loudly that people around them will lose their hearing. The question is: what are they exactly doing at the beach? And this is their motto:

#3 The old men who wear tight Speedos

I don’t think there’s a need for further explanation.

#4 The people who need to stop tanning

These people are so tanned that it is impossible for them to reach another level of tan anymore. Yet, they insist on applying baby oil on their bodies and continue tanning. Have they ever heard of skin cancer?

#5 The “jagal”

The “jagal” does everything to get the attention of women.

#6 The ones who are always there

They always sit in the same spot since they most probably have lifetime memberships. They also know all the lifeguards, security guards, bartenders, and waiters. Also, they know everything about everyone. This is how they look:

#7 The parents who have annoying kids

It’s easy to spot them: they are always yelling. Their kids are either jumping a lot in the water or are playing the “min bi dayin tahet l may aktar” game. Needless to say, they are in an extremely bad mood and end up fighting, and this is you:

#8 The ones that have invisible friends/ relatives

When there’s a free spot next to these people and you ask them if it’s available, they’ll tell you that it’s for their friend or relative. You spend the whole day at the beach and no one shows up. There’s only one explanation:

#9 The ones who wear weird hats

They wear caps that have weird things written on them like “Nido”, political slogans, or bad words. Some even wear hats that are the size of a parasol.

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