10 types of students you will meet during the Brevet and Bac season

Taking the official exams is stressful, but it’s funny when we think about it years later. These are the types of people you will meet in the exam halls during Brevet and Bac!

#1 The ones who have no idea why they’re here

  These students come to the exams unprepared. They don’t care about their grades so much that they don’t even bother to cheat.

#2 The cheating masters

  Some of the cheaters wear jackets to hide the sheets in the sleeves. Sweethearts, we know you’re not sick.

#3 The wasta lords

  They don’t even have to study or cheat. The supervisors give them all the answers. Talk about corruption.

#4 The geniuses

  They ace all the tests and even memorize every single word of the history book.

#5 Those who pretend they’re lazy 

  There’s always this one student who is desperately searching for someone to help them in the exams. So, those who have studied pretend they are F students.

#6 The walking and breathing stationary stores

  If you need a pen, eraser or anything, just ask them. God knows they can supply the entire school.

#7 Those who know one of the supervisors 

  “L madame yalli rah tse3edkoun esma Marie. Hiye bet koun bent jareta lal khalto.”

#8 The ones who leak the answers on WhatsApp

  That’s the best part. Every year, there’s someone who leaks the answers by sending voice notes or pictures on WhatsApp.

#9 Bac F students

  They’re not worried about the Lebanese Bac or Brevet and that’s why they’re so chill.

#10 The adults who are taking the Brevet / Bac because they did not have the opportunity before

  Education has no age limit! Respect!

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