20 Typical Things Your Lebanese Father Does

La Boheme | @wissamkamallb

Lebanese fathers are awesome, no argument here. They are dedicated to their families, work hard for them, and are very protective. They also have common reactions and attitudes that seem to be kind of cliche with Lebanese fathers.

#1 They tell you off for overusing your cell phone

Even if that’s what they themselves do all the time…

#2 Their bragging about you can get embarrassing

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They can’t help it!

#3 They’re hooked to work even on vacation

Vacation? Sure, but they still have to make several calls to work every day.

#4 When they’re losing an argument with you

We get it though, don’t we? It’s their way to give up without losing their haybeh.

#5 They’re too proud to admit you know better at something…

…Even if they know you do.

#6 When what they really mean is…

It’s time for you to run for your life…

#7 When you ask them to cover your personal bills

There’s suddenly that temporary loss of hearing…even if you are just a step from him.

#8 When you ask to go out on week days

“Go study!”

#9 When they switch channel while you’re watching your favorite movie

Even if you don’t and they know it…

#10 When they just change their mind about something they told you to do

And you’re pretty sure they did… because you just had to change all your plans.

#11 When you get in trouble

They’re our fixers and saviors!

#12 When he meets his daughter’s boyfriend for the first time (and second and third and forth)

The lectures can vary but the bottom line is always the same every single time: Don’t you dare mess up with my daughter!

#13 When they really need help with a new app but they won’t ask you

It’s surely very frustrating and it can drive them not and still won’t ask. You just have to voluntarily offer to “try” to see what’s wrong.

#14 When the 80s music pops up in the radio

And they insist to show you how cool they were back then and how dancing should be…

#15 Their reaction when you get bullied

Oh yeah, how many times we’ve heard our fathers saying, “Wallahi El-A3zeem, I’ll drop heaven on earth if someone touches you”?

#16 When you ask your Lebanese dad how much he earns per month

That’s taboo. No one really knows what their Lebanese father’s income could possibly be.

#17 When you ask him why he keeps voting for the same politician

There should be enough reason for you.

#18 When you refuse to vote for his all-time political leader

Whatever system he means.

#19 When he doesn’t want to answer your question

That always makes it for them; ask your mom.

#20 When you ask for a new laptop or cell phone

Is there ever any?