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Tyre, Lebanon in 15 amazing photos

Tyre is among the world’s 20 oldest cities. A Phoenician city that dates back to 2,750 B.C., Tyre is where you can find historical and natural wonders. It’s a great summer destination where you can swim in the crystal-clear sea and visit interesting monuments!


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Also known as Sour, Tyre is located in Southern Lebanon.

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One of its main sites is a hippodrome which is on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.

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The beach in Tyre is one of the cleanest in Lebanon. Swimming there is a delight!

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Tyre’s port is one of the major ports in Lebanon.

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It is one of the 11 Phoenician cities and towns that are still inhabited.

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You should spend a beach day in Tyre. Who knows, maybe you’ll get to see sea turtles!

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And maybe you can go for a swim with them!

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Thanks to the Lebanese ecologist Mona Khalil, the sea turtles in the South of Lebanon are protected!

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If you’re a fan of Lebanese architecture, then consider visiting Tyre! The narrow alleys are the jewels of this city!

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If you’re up for some fun, you know where to go!

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Tyre, Lebanon in 15 amazing photos

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