UAE Has One Of The Highest Turnouts Of Registered Voters Among The Entire Lebanese Diaspora So Far


The Lebanese diaspora started casting their votes on May 6th and 8th in 48 countries around the world for the 2022 parliamentary elections.

On Friday, Lebanese expats voting kicked off in the Arab countries and Iran, with the UAE scheduled on Sunday along with Australia, Europe, UAE, Africa, Canada, the United States, and Latin America.

The voting in the UAE witnessed enthusiastic participation by the diaspora with some flying from other cities and managing to reach the polling center at night… with their luggage.

All through the day, the Lebanese persisted in long queues under the heat for over an hour and some even more as shared on Twitter, adamant to cast their votes.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affair, the Lebanese election turnout in the United Arab Emirate is “high enough to change the results of several districts”.

According to Annahar, the UAE recorded one of the highest voter turnout rates, reaching 68.39%. However, according to an MTV correspondent on the site, the turnout was 71.41% in Dubai (or 14,228 voters), and 77% in Abu Dhabi.