UAE Medical Aid Just Arrived In Lebanon

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The 4th of August of 2020 will go down in Lebanon’s history as a day of terror and massive destruction.

Tonnes of highly dangerous Ammonium Nitrate in Beirut Port suddenly exploded, destroying the port and its surroundings, and causing tremendous grief to the nation with the losses of too many lives.

The explosion was so massively brutal that the world turns its eyes to Lebanon in shock.

Within the hour, news of the impact on the people and lack of enough medical facilities stormed the internet, breaking the hearts and shaking the human consciousness of friendly countries.

Whatever the lingering political frictions with the current government, which have impeded until now the Arab states to help Lebanon, are now disregarded.

The catastrophe is too major for them to stop at their disproval of the government. The people need help, and they want to give it to them.

Kuwait has already rushed medical aids, and now the UAE is doing the same. Beirut just received 30 tons of medical aid from the Emirates, including medical equipment, medicine, and basic necessities.

This medical assistance, along with similar aids flowing now into Lebanon from European countries, will be of great help for the health sector to cope with the staggering number of injured people.

Many hospitals were damaged by the blast. Adding that hospitals in Lebanon were already struggling with a lack of funds from the government and a pandemic that has depleted supplies and exhausted the Lebanese health workers.

Not to mention that some hospitals, like AUBMC that has recently laid off hundreds of its staff, are lacking enough personnel to cope with this health emergency.

Hence, these medical aids from friendly countries are more than welcomed for their urgency, especially the fully equipped field hospitals that Russia and Jordan are now sending to Lebanon, along with medical teams.

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