Uber Lebanon released a statement regarding the incident

A British diplomat named Rebecca Dykes was found murdered by the side of a highway in Lebanon. She was working for the British embassy in Beirut. An Uber driver confessed to killing the 30-year-old woman last Friday night after Dykes was at a party in Gemmayzeh. The Lebanese authorities managed to find the killer, Tarek H., thanks to security cameras. According to


, the Lebanese Minister of Interior and Municipalities Nohad Machnouk announced that people should avoid using Uber since it is a “virtual entity.” Yesterday, the company released a statement on Facebook regarding the incident. Uber made it clear that only licensed taxi drivers can use the app. These drivers “have a commercial license from the government.” So, they can either drive a “service” or work with another company like Uber. In order to get a license, one must have a clear juridical record and present other documents to the government. In fact, Uber double checks all the documents before hiring a new driver. The company concluded its statement by reminding people that it is committed to providing safety to its clients.

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