Heartwarming Letter By Former UK Ambassador To Lebanon Is Going Viral (Video)

@TFletcher | Enough! Lebanon's Darkest Hour

Lebanese Twitter users are sharing a beautiful and heartwarming message from the former Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Lebanon, Tom Fletcher.

The touching video is part of the “Enough! Lebanon’s Darkest Hour” documentary directed by Lebanese-Australian Daizy Gedeon.

In the video, Fletcher is heard talking about the beauty of Lebanon, from hosting different cultures and religions, being home to amazing touristic and natural sites, and the ingenuity of the Lebanese people.

He also expressed sorrow about Lebanon’s “actions” towards women, intellectuals, and freedom.

This message has touched home and bought Lebanese people to tears, with many expressing their gratitude. It has also boosted people’s hope and motivation to be part of the change in the coming elections.

“So beautiful, so true, we need to change the members of our parliament- so I can show my children what Lebanon has to offer – please God intercede,” commented Tony Elias on Facebook.

Enough! Lebanon’s Darkest Hour” tackles the many challenges that Lebanon is passing through, including corruption, mismanagement, and the aftermath of Lebanon’s civil war.

The documentary produced by Patrick Rohr has won many prestigious awards, including, the Movie That Matters Award at the 2021 Cannes International Film Festival, the Indie Fest Film Awards, Best Director, and Best Documentary at the Vesuvius International Film Fest.

The Lebanese documentary also features special appearances from Elie Saab, Tom Fletcher, Frances Guy, George Khabbaz, Dr. James Zogby, and more.


According to Lebtivity, the documentary is now screening for free every Thursday until Sunday in many cinemas across Lebanon.

Here is Tom Fletcher’s beautiful and warming letter to Lebanon:

A similar letter was issued in July 2021 by the head of the British Embassy in Beirut, Dr. Martin Longden, as his 6-month assignment came to an end.

He shared his personal reflections on Lebanon’s situation with bluntness about the present yet with a hopeful message about the future: Departing UK Ambassador’s Powerful Remarks About Lebanon’s Situation.

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