UK Donates 100 Armored Vehicles To Halt Smuggling Operations In Lebanon


On Monday, a British ship sailed from the south coast of the UK to reach with 100 armored patrol vehicles donated by the British Government to the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF).

The British embassy in explained that these vehicles, worth $2,043,802, will “further reinforce the stability on the Lebanese border with , and help the LAF to counter efforts by terrorists and smugglers to cross into the country.”

In its statement, the British embassy highlighted the ’s support for in recent years “to effectively counter extremists and smugglers seeking to infiltrate from .”

It cited “the deployment of four Land Border Regiments, the construction of over 75 border towers, the provision of 350 Land Rovers, and training of over 11,000 LAF personnel.”

shares with a 364 km-long and largely porous border that is deemed hard to control and yet has been more “out of control” than any, as regularly witnessed when it comes to smuggling.

Some civilian groups have been taking it upon themselves to stop -bound trucks, deputing small teams near the four official border crossings. At the same time, the outrage over smuggling has built pressure on the Lebanese army to double up efforts to contain it.

Smuggling occurs in both directions, but even more so from Lebanon to Syria with Lebanese state-subsidized products, like fuel and wheat.

is reeling under a severe and sanctions, however, is wasting hard currency to import items into the country, only for them to be smuggled into , while is enduring its worst ever.

Martin Longden, head of the Near East Department and the UK’s Special Envoy to , expressed his delightfulness that the UK has been able to help with donating 100 armored patrol vehicles.

UK in

He emphasized that these vehicles will make a real difference to the work of the Land Border Regiments, “whose efforts make life safer for all communities in .”

“Itโ€™s a great practical example of the friendship and collaboration between the armed forces of our two countries, and the UKโ€™s genuine commitment to a strong and stable ,” Longden added.