UK Just Convicted The Company Behind Nitrate Of Beirut Port Blast

London’s High Court of Justice has ruled that SAVARO Ltd, a company linked to the nitrate behind the Beirut port blast, is liable to compensate victims.

The Beirut Bar Association Prosecution office has confirmed the ruling, which marks the first judicial decision to name one of those responsible for the devastating blast.

The court will now determine the compensation amount that Savaro will have to pay to the victims.

“In a landmark ruling, the High Court of Justice in London has issued a decision against SAVARO Ltd in favor of the victims of the blast,” said a statement by the Beirut Bar Association Prosecution office.

Lawyer Nasri Diab from the Beirut Bar Association Prosecution office and Kamil Abu Suleiman from Dechert LLP, who represented the Beirut Bar Association and the victims, emphasized the significance of the court’s decision.

“This is a historic moment for the victims of the Beirut Port Explosion. This decision sets a precedent for holding accountable those who are responsible for this tragedy,” said Diab.

Abu Suleiman added, “The victims of this tragedy have waited long enough for justice. This ruling is a critical step towards holding those responsible for the Beirut Port Explosion accountable for their actions.”

Head of the Bar Association, Nader Kaspar, called the ruling a “great achievement” that will strengthen the resolve of victims and their legal representatives to seek justice and uncover the truth.

“We will continue to fight for the rights of the victims and their families and to hold those who caused this tragedy accountable,” Kaspar said.

In Lebanon, meanwhile, there’s an active attempt to obstruct the investigation by the Hezbollah and Amal duo. The work of lead investigator Judge Tarek Bitar is regularly disrupted and the victims’ families are often detained and called into questioning for protesting.

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