U.K. Just Stopped The Liquidation Of Firm Linked To Beirut Blast

Fadel Itani/NurPhoto

In response to the Beirut Bar Association (BBA), headed by Melhem Khalaf, the U.K. corporate registry Companies House has now issued an official decision to stop the liquidation of Savaro Ltd for being linked to Beirut’s port explosion.

BBA had addressed a letter to the British lawmaker Margaret Hodge on January 25th, stressing that Savaro Ltd is an “indicted entity” with a possible role in the Beirut blast and that liquidating it at this stage will affect the course of the investigation.

The letter also informed Hodge that BBA has been awarded plaintiff capacity in the case, which has given it access to details of the official probe into the blast.

Smoke is seen rising after the explosion in Beirut’s port on August 4, 2020. Photo by: Issam Abdallah

Hodge has prompted to respond to the request of the BBA, addressing the U.K. Secretary of State for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy, on January 28th, with a letter to stop Savaro from evading prosecution.

Savaro did try back on January 12th to evade justice by submitting a request to be struck off the U.K. corporate registry after media reports linked it to the ammonium nitrate and its role as a shell company for businessmen close to the Syrian regime.

Savaro Ltd. appeared on documents as the buyer of the ammonium nitrate cargo that ended exploding on August 4th after years of neglect in poor conditions.

Beirut Bar Association has now been officially informed by the United Kingdom that it has halted the liquidation of Savaro pending the Beirut Blast probe.

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