Ukraine Embassy Outraged at OTV for Insulting Its Women and the Protesters

It isn’t enough that the TV stations belonging to Lebanese politicians in the government have been hindering the truth of the Revolution, some had to also take the ungranted liberty to discredit and smear the women of the Lebanese Revolution, including natives of other countries, residents of Lebanon. While we are appalled at such shameful broadcasted vulgarity that defies all decency and moral values, the Ukraine community, which has been also a target to that deception, did not take it lightly, to say the least.


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Two days ago, during an OTV morning show, its presenters felt entitled to insult the dignity of Ukrainian women as well as of Lebanese protesters. 

In response, the Embassy of Ukraine in Lebanon in the esteemed person of its Ambassador Ihor Ostash, who speaks for his government, addressed what is deemed a “legal case” in a letter of complaint to OTV General Manager, Roy Hachem, expressing his outrage and that of the Ukranian community in Lebanon. 


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The letter, dated October 24, 2019, and which we received today a copy of, states the following:

Dear Mr. Roy Hachem,

The Embassy of Ukraine in the Lebanese Republic highly respects democratic standards and the freedom of expression on the Lebanese mass-media. We appreciate the professional work of Lebanese journalists including OTV Channel. 

However, the Embassy of Ukraine in the Lebanese Republic and Ukrainian Community in Lebanon are outraged by comments concerning the Ukranian women that appeared on the Lebanese TV Channel OTV.

Two days ago during the morning show on OTV, its presenters Abdou El Helou and Scarlett Haddad, while discussing current protests on the streets, used insulting words towards Ukrainian women and Lebanese citizens as well.

In this regard, the Embassy of Ukraine in Lebanon and Ukranian community in Lebanon consider such statements unacceptable that violate human dignity. We call upon OTV channel management to give the legal assessment of this case and to make a public excuse on the channel.

The Embassy of Ukraine in the Lebanese Republic avails itself the opportunity to renew OTV channel the assurances of its highest consideration.


Ihor Ostash

The Ambassador of Ukraine in the Lebanese Republic


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On the official website of the Embassy, we read:  “Ukrainian Embassy Wants OTV to apologize for derogatory words against women.” It is important to point out here that H.E Ihor Ostash values the Lebanese people for being seekers of freedom. In an interview two years ago, he stated, “The Lebanese people like the Ukrainians are looking for freedom in the first place.”

It is really a shame that this is how the OTV thinks it smart to fight the revolution of the Lebanese people, by insulting the human dignity of women of the Lebanese Revolution. They have only brought shame on themselves.


These Ukranian women, who have deemed essential to participate in Lebanon Revolution, and among them mostly the wives and mothers of Lebanese citizens, have a similar eagerness and same rights as all the Lebanese people to demand reforms for the country they live in and raise their children in. 

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We join our outrage to that of the Ukranian Ambassador and the Ukraine Community in Lebanon. We do want to reiterate our strong condemnation of how the anti-protest faction has been undertaking their propaganda, using personal and discriminatory slanders against our women, in their despair to crash a massive national revolution.


To them all, we tell them again, Stop Attacking the Women of the Lebanese Revolution. You are only showing how desperate you are to reveal such a hideous way of thinking. It also amazes us that you haven’t realized yet that this Revolution is a Tsunami and that you could even think that you could stop it by slandering women.

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