The Ultimate Guide To Tipping In Lebanon!

No matter where you are in the world, tipping can be confusing. You’re usually worried because you want to pay just right: not too much or too little. To make things easier, we’ve created a guide to tipping in Lebanon!


Take note that sometimes the servers get a less pay because it is assumed that they will be making tips. The usual recommendation is to pay 10-15% from the bill.

Normal Service:

10% of the bill

When to tip more

We recommend tipping more, around 15% or more, if the following occurs:

  • Great Service
  • You spent a lot of time
  • You were part of a big group
  • You keep asking them to take pics for you

Ordered shisha:

2,000 L.L. for the person taking care of it


This is a hard one and really depends on the location.

At a casual bar:

Roughly 2,000 LL per drink.

If you’re getting a table:

10% of the bill.


To get the best service at a bar, leave a high tip for the first drink you order. This will make sure you get the best service for the remainder of the night. After your first drink, tip normally for each drink.


There are two things you need to know about delivery men; 1) they are underpaid and 2) their job is really hard.

Arrived on time

: 2,000 – 5,000 LL depending on the bill. Aim for 10%

Arrived later than the estimated time

: Your discretion. But ask him why. If there was a valid reason (traffic, accident etc), take that into consideration.

We suggest leaving a better tip for any of the following


  • Arrived much earlier than anticipated
  • There’s no elevator in your building
  • The weather is absolutely terrible

Hair and Nail Salons

Person who washed your hair:

3,000 L.L.

Person who cut/styledyour hair

: 5,000 L.L

Person who prepped your nails:

1,000 – 2,000LL


 Around 3,000 L.L. All the above depend on how satisfied you are.


Baggers at supermarkets in Lebanon are mostly foreign workers. They do not receive a proper salary, so they rely on tips to make a living. Since they also carry the bags to your car, they are helping you out a lot.


1,000 L.L. to 2,000 L.L. Tip more if you bought enough groceries to feed an army and he carries it all.

Gas Station

For the guy who fills your car:

1,000 – 2,000 L.L.

Guy who cleans your car:


Mini-markets on the side of the road

In Lebanon, there are lots of mini-markets on the side of the highway where you do not need to leave your car to do your shopping. A person will bring you whatever is that you need and you will pay them the bill.


1,000 L.L – 2,000 L.L

Valet Parking

Sometimes, you pay so much for parking that you don’t feel like you want to tip the valet. Remember one thing: no matter how expensive the parking is, the valet doesn’t get paid a lot.


: Depending on the place but around 3,000 L.L. – 5,000 LL When to tip more:

  • When you ask that your car is parked in front
  • When you want him to keep a better eye out for your car
  • The place is more high-end
  • Some places (Clubs and restaurants) have been setting 7,000 L.L. – 10,000 LL as a minimum.