The UN Allocates $6 Million To An Emergency Response Plan For Lebanon

UN | NYTimes

In a press release issued on Monday, the United Nations announced that $6 million were assigned under the Lebanese Humanitarian Fund to 14 NGOs’ projects that will start this month.

This funding will provide Child Protection, along with protection from gender-based violence, and education assistance targeting the most vulnerable populations affected by the ongoing crisis in Lebanon.

This is the 4th allocation of funding from the Lebanese Humanitarian Fund since 2021.

The UN allocated fund will be carried out by 6 national and 7 international NGOs targeting the most vulnerable population.

The funds will be divided as follows: 61 % for the Lebanese population, 32% for Syrian refugees, 4 % for migrants, and 3% for Palestinian refugees.

The UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Lebanon and Custodian of the Fund, Najat Rochdi, said that: “These projects will support children out of school or at risk of drop-out, persons with disabilities, and survivors of gender-based violence or at risk of exploitation and abuse, among the most vulnerable Lebanese, migrants, and Syrian and Palestinian refugees who have not yet been reached.”

“The UN has a zero-tolerance policy against Sexual Exploitation & Abuse. The 14 partnering national & Int’l NGOs will be trained to apply our principle of ‘do no harm’ and uphold the highest standards of professional and personal conduct to ensure people are treated with respect & dignity,” Rochdi assured.

The press release also mentioned that the UN allocated fund from the Lebanese Humanitarian Fund comes at a serious time since the situation in Lebanon continues to decline and the Emergency Response Plan has only received $36.2 million of the total request of $383 million, which is not enough to meet all lifesaving activities.

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