UN Launches Initiative To Raise Awareness On Mental Health In Lebanon (Video)

United Nations Lebanon

In a video posted on their Instagram account, United Nations Lebanon launched an initiative to raise awareness on the importance of mental health in Lebanon and to fight the surrounding stigma that is prominent in Lebanese society.

A phone was placed in a mall with a large sign over it saying, “If you are not at ease, answer.”

United Nations Lebanon

People passing by would pick up the ringing phone, and get to talk with life coach Mirvat Bakour who would ask them how do they feel lately and what they think they can do to feel better.

It is not the first time the UN launched mental health initiative, raising awareness and tackling misconceptions the Lebanese society imposes on mental health.

During last year’s lockdown, its awareness campaign explained how to cope with stress and trained hundreds of front liners to overcome it.

It is common knowledge that our mental health is as important as our physical health as both are integral parts of who we are as humans and both should be given equal attention.

During this difficult phase of Lebanon, where crises are wrecking lives, it is crucial to take mental health seriously and seek help whenever we need it.

According to UN Lebanon, the economic crisis is indeed impacting the Lebanese people’s wellbeing.

Whether the issue is “just a phase” or chronic, people struggling with mental health are entitled to treatment, support, respect, and dignity.

Here is a list of 12 organizations one can seek in Lebanon when struggling with mental health, including Embrace, which people can call on the lifeline 1564.

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