UN Security Council Urged Lebanon To Swiftly Form A Government And Initiate Reforms

AP Photo/Hassan Ammar

The members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) welcomed, on Wednesday, the convening of the elections in Lebanon as scheduled, despite the “challenging circumstances.”

The elections, according to UNSC, aided the Lebanese people to utilize their civil and political rights.

The UNSC urged the “swift formation” of a government to implement tangible reforms, including the adoption of a budget for 2022 to initiate the agreement made with the IMF and respond to the demands of the Lebanese people.

They stressed the role of the newly elected Parliament to implement the reforms necessary to tackle the unprecedented and grave economic crisis.

They urged for new measures to be taken to enhance the full political participation of women, especially in the new government.

They stressed the need to conclude the Beirut Blast investigation, indicating the must for “an independent, impartial, thorough, and transparent investigation,” in order to reaffirm the Lebanese people’s aspiration for justice.

The UNSC further emphasized “the stability, security, territorial integrity, sovereignty, and political independence of Lebanon, consistent with Security Council resolutions 1701 (2006), 1680 (2006), 1559 (2004), and 2591 (2021), as well as other relevant Security Council resolutions and statements of the President of the Security Council on the situation in Lebanon.” 

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