18 Experiences You Can’t Avoid With Lebanese Taxi Drivers

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Lebanese taxi drivers seem to have trademark on creating weird and remarkable experiences for their passengers because of how naturally nonchalant they are.

The following are some of the encounters a passenger can get and has gotten from getting into a taxi in Lebanon.

#1 The story they tell

#2 When wherever you want to go is miraculously is “on their way”

Even when the given destination doesn’t exist…

#3 You get to know then as competitive multi-experts

#4 And also multilingual

#5 Traffic lights are not meant for them

#6 This taxi driver who was raising a spider

According to Lebanese Reddit user ChartsDeGaulle, he saw a small spider by the window in a taxi and tried to kick it out.

The taxi driver told him “Ou3a te2etlo, ana 3am rabbi,” which directly translates to “Beware not to kill it, I’m raising it.”

#7 No time compass

#8 When a passenger encountered a “weird” taxi driver

#9 They seek to know your sect before starting talking politics

#10 Obsessed political experts

#11 The trademarked longer pinky nail

#12 They take you through alleys you didn’t even know existed in your own city

#13 When they want to pick you up… from your own car

#14 They get you to hone your skills or acquire new ones…

#15 The language dictionary you can’t find in bookstores

#16 They could be as displeased as you about bad drivers

#17 The psychologist taxi drivers we are grateful for

#18 The wise men behind the wheels we gladly acknowledge

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