7+ places in Lebanon where you can get unconventional ice creams and ice pops!

Ice creams and ice pops are the best desserts to satisfy your cravings all year round! From soft serve to ice cream rolls, you can find any frozen dessert in Lebanon! These delicacies are mainly consumed in summer, but the cold weather doesn’t stop us from eating them!

Frooza Booza

All your favorite candies in one cup!

Bouzet Jeddo

That’s a sahlab-miske ice cream cake!

Fadi’s Fruits

Yes, that’s a zucchini-flavored ice cream! Fadi’s Fruits is the shop behind the famous bouza aa koussa!


Ice cream comes in all shapes and sizes!


Awad Ice Cream is reinventing Christmas traditions. That’s an ashta-flavored yule log!


Since when do ice pops look so delicious?

Polly Lolly

You can satisfy your cravings while maintaining healthy habits!

Hanna Mitri

What’s so unconventional about Hanna Mitri’s ice creams? They are 100% natural! Finding healthy desserts is hard these days!