UNICEF Introduced Free Consultations For Breastfeeding Mothers In Lebanon


UNICEF Lebanon introduced new and free procedures to support breastfeeding mothers in Lebanon.

The organization highlighted that mothers facing breastfeeding challenges can inquire or get a free consultation with an Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) Specialist by contacting the following numbers: 04 727 500 or 70 231 739.

UNICEF Lebanon is currently working to help mothers and children get the needed help during Lebanon’s hardest times.

The organization previously initiated many programs to help children especially. It is focusing on ways to promote education.

It has recently launched a program, supported by the European Union and Germany, ensuring that 520 public schools open their doors this summer for around 98,000 children to catch up on their learning.

It has also joined efforts with the European Union to protect children’s rights in Lebanon’s justice system, initiating the first child-friendly hearing rooms across the country to provide a safe atmosphere for all children involved in judicial proceedings.

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