A Unique Dog Surgery Was Just Performed For The First Time In Lebanon

Santé Animale / Clinique vétérinaire

The first dental implantation procedure for a dog in Lebanon was successfully completed this week.

The dog is a 4-year-old Belgian Malinois called Alpha. Alpha underwent this unique operation at Santé Animale Clinic in Zouk Mosbeh, Kesserwan District. The surgery, which is performed for the first time in Lebanon, took about a month.

The clinic explained that the operation was conducted in two phases with one month apart. The first, performed by Dr. Cynthia and Antoine Chamel, tackled the root canal procedure and the dental impression.

The second phase was performed after 1 month of rest to implant the tooth, a procedure conducted by Dr. Michel Klink.

“Now Alpha is doing great!” The clinic announced with enthusiasm.

Thanks to the veterinarian Dr. Laurent Moawad and his team of three vet dentists, Alpha can resume his normal life without pain.

He will first need a recovery period of a month, after which he can continue to exercise normally and resume serving as a guard dog to his owner, Tawfiq Tabal.

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