United Kingdom Donating $6.6 Million In Humanitarian Aid & More To Lebanon

@theproudbrit | @selim_el_khoury

The United Kingdom has pledged a package of emergency support to Lebanon, after the Beirut explosion that rendered the once Paris of the Middle East into a wasteland.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab announced that the UK will provide £5 million (roughly $6.6 million) to Lebanon and that it is ready to send medical experts and humanitarian aid.

“We have offered immediate direst support, including search and rescue, emergency medical assistance, and up to £5M in humanitarian aid,” said Raab.

In addition, the UK is sending a Royal Navy ship, along with search and rescue experts, and trained dogs to help locate survivors of the explosion.

Dozens of people are still missing since the blast that killed at least 130 people and left thousands hurt and hundreds of thousands homeless.

Lebanon was also facing several crises at the time of the blast – all of which could have been unarguably avoidable.