These Universities In France Just Exempted Lebanese Students From Paying Their Fees

In light of recent events, France is doing an amazing job with aiding Lebanon. From sending jets of aid to president Emmanuel Macron visiting, and now some universities in France are aiding their Lebanese students.

The French President insisted on taking immediate action to his “sister” country Lebanon.

After visiting and meeting with the Lebanese officials to impel them to enact solutions to the long-going disaster, President Macron left them with a new task and a deadline to accomplish it.

The Beirut port explosion couldn’t have come at a worse time; the country was already falling apart under a harsh financial crisis and several other crises, all of which remain unattended to date.

Enacting empathy towards the Lebanese students, two French universities have announced the cancellation of their registration fees: Université Clermont Auvergne and Université Caen.

Certainly, Lebanese students in France appreciated this gesture, considering that many of them rely on their parents back home to support their education.

And “back home” is in agony.

So much hard work and costs are going to be required from people to rebuild their homes, their properties, their businesses, and replace their shattered cars; and we can’t certainly disregard the excruciating status of those who just lost their beloved and irreplaceable breadwinners in the blast.

At that, we can only wish that all other universities in France, in Canada, and everywhere enact the same empathy towards their Lebanese students.