Lebanon Is Having An Unusual Snowy Spring Compared To Previous Years (Photos)


Lebanon is known for its unique weather, scattered over 4 seasons, allowing people in the country to enjoy skiing and swimming, sometimes even on the same day.

However, this year was very special indeed, with the snow lasting longer than usual.

On Saturday, the Mountains Magazine – Lebanon posted photographs showcasing the difference between the amount of snow covering the mountains of Lebanon at the beginning of Spring this year, compared to previous years.

The photos featured a remarkable and heavy amount of snow covering the country’s heights in 2022.

Hadath Al Jebbeh

Mount Sannine

Chabrouh Dam – Faraya

The photographs were taken from three different Lebanese mountains just to reflect this year’s heavy snowstorms and very cold weather, lasting until the first weeks of spring.

In March, Weather of Lebanon, a Lebanon-based weather forecast, posted a Tweet saying that people in Lebanon will be able to enjoy the snow at the beginning of summer.

“This summer only: Enjoy the sun and heat 28C and beside you the accumulated snow in the high mountains,” said Weather of Lebanon.

After a long and very cold winter, people were eagerly waiting for the Spring season, when they were surprised by another wave of snow hitting Lebanon’s coast, namely Jbeil and Dbayeh.