18 Unwritten Rules & Facts All Lebanese Already Know!

The unwritten rules of Lebanese people are a must-know if one wants to understand our culture.

#1 Never say you’re not hungry when your grandma offers you food

You do not want to cause drama.

#2 Don’t listen to voice notes people send you out loud in public

You don’t want it to go viral on social media.

#3 Avoid driving in Antelias and Dbayeh around 7PM

You do not want to get stuck in traffic for the rest of your life.

#4 No one must know that you eat chicken without garlic

Chicken without garlic? Seriously?

#5 Your friends did not forget your birthday; they’re planning a surprise party.

You act surprised every single year.

#6 Mornings are dedicated to Fairuz

If you do not listen to the songs of Fairuz in the mornings, chances are that the driver next to you is listening to “Zourouni” out loud.

#7 Never open an umbrella indoors in front of old people

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Apparently, opening an umbrella indoors will bring you bad luck. You probably want to avoid dirty looks.

#8 A mezza without hummus is not a mezza

#9 Sunday is family day, no excuse

There’s nothing better than having lunch with your relatives at your grandma’s who is the best cook you know.

#10 Saturday nights are for partying

#11 When your parents say “men chouf” or “inchallah”, it means no

#12 Your neighbors are surveillance cameras

Nothing personal. They’re only protecting your neighborhood… for free!

#13 Hiding in your room when guests are over is not the best idea

Visits in Lebanon can last for more than five hours, so it’s better to make provisions before hiding from your guests.

#14 There’s always this kind neighbor who volunteers to turn on the “disjoncteur” of all the apartments

Not all heroes wear capes!

#15 You should know how to dance the dabke

That’s the golden rule!

#16 Never tell your parents you know better, even when you do

Lebanese parents are always right!

#17 The 7-Up cans in the pantry are for fever, diarrhea, headache, nausea, and so on

#18 You have to fight your friends for the bill in restaurants

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Even if you can’t really afford to pay for everybody. Tomorrow, Allah biddaber

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