Uruguay Street Is Alive Again in Downtown Beirut!

Beirut has a lot to offer when it comes to nightlife, and Lebanese people live to their best when it comes to clubs, nightlife, and partying. So, for all of your party and nightlife lovers out there, get ready for one of your once-favorite nightlife spots: The Uruguay Street of downtown Beirut is back! As of tomorrow Tuesday, the street with all its restaurants and clubs will be blasting at nights like it used to be, and more. 


Located in the heart of downtown Beirut, the Uruguay street was first launched in 2011 with over 30 trendy pubs and restaurants. Five years after its launch, it was forced to shut down due to the tough economic situation that the country was witnessing.

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This year, with the modest recovery in the tourism sector and the influx of the Europeans, Arabs and Americans tourists to Lebanon this summer, the Uruguay Street is looking forward to bring the pulse back to the heart of Beirut.


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In this regard, the Uruguay Street’s bars will reopen on Tuesday, July 9th, starting from 8 PM. At the occasion of the resuscitation of this important street, a huge opening ceremony is organized by the District Developers under the patronage of Beirut Governor Ziad Shabib. Thereafter, on Wednesday 10th in the evening, the street will be ready to welcome everyone once again.

Speaking about the reopening event, Mr. Hassan Dergham, Chairman of the Board of “District Developers” expressed to Annahar his optimism about Lebanon’s recent situation, considering that Beirut has the right to hold such a project (Uruguay Street).


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He further explained that the current situation in the country has been taken into account and that some incentives have been given to bar owners, including rent reductions, which has encouraged many investors to open their own shops.

Mr. Dergham talked with great enthusiasm about the reopening event. He stated that several exciting art shows will be held on Tuesday, as well as car shows, and various other exciting activities.


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He also stressed that “The opening ceremony, on Tuesday, will be a message to all that Beirut is a city that loves life, joy, and happiness, and that Uruguay Street will be back in a more modern and innovative way.” He revealed that “The event will be full of artistic stations and attendees from all over Lebanon.”

We are all hope that the 2019 summer season will continue to see more tourists than in the past decade, considering that Lebanon relatively enjoys a stable political situation.


In this regard, many efforts have been allocated to boost the tourism sector in Lebanon this season. Numerous projects and measures have been also taken to attract more tourists, including many fantastic international festivals and events that are being held in various areas of Lebanon all throughout this summer season.

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