The United States Is Sending $17 Million In Aid, Supplies, Food, And Teams

US Embassy Lebanon | Nabil Ismail

reeks with the smell of death and destruction after the blast took with it over 150 lives and hundreds of thousands of homes and caused many wounded and many to go missing. It left in ruins.

In response to the terrible tragedy that has wrecked and thrown surviving residents into despair, the has pledged its support for .

The has allocated over $17 million in” initial disaster aid” for and will provide financial support to the , announced the U.S. Embassy in .

The U.S. has already sent to three C-17 U.S. military transport planes that brought meals ready to eat, water, and medical kits for the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) to distribute. 

In days to come, the American Embassy expects more assistance.

“The continues to stand with the people of , especially now, as you respond to the horrific explosion of August 4th and all of the massive destruction it brought,” U.S. Ambassador Dorothy Shea said on August 6th.

“I am proud to report that the has already pledged over $15 million in emergency aid that will be arriving over the coming days, and we expect additional assistance announcements in the very near future.”

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