U.S Ambassador Reassures Lebanon: No Sanctions On Regional Energy Supplies

Hawar News Agency

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati received U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea on Friday afternoon to discuss the Jordanian electricity deal in regards to the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act.

During the press conference after the meeting, ambassador Shea stated that she has conveyed “an official written letter from the U.S. Treasury Department that responded to some of the concerns of the Lebanese authorities.”

The Lebanese government wanted the assurance that, while pursuing the regional energy agreements, the United States won’t impose sanctions related to the Caeser Act and stop the process.

Ambassador Shea assured during the press conference that “there are no concerns about U.S sanctions legislation,” and that her government is helping and encouraging the regional deals to supply Lebanon with energy.

“This delivered message represents a momentum forward and an important event as we continue to make progress to provide safer, cleaner, more reliable, and sustainable energy solutions to help address the energy crisis of the Lebanese people,” she added.

This news comes after the many meetings that happened between Jordan, Egypt, and Syria that revolve around the Jordanian electricity deal, which will help Lebanon secure around 700 megawatts with the help of the Egyptian gas.

This is a much-anticipated deal since most Lebanese cities are facing severe electricity cuts, in some places lasting around 23 hours. Private electricity generators are not able to replace or deal with the demands.

Nonetheless, many Lebanese people are canceling their monthly subscriptions to private generators. They can no longer afford the huge bills that come every month due to the hyperinflation since the Lebanese pound has lost around 90 percent of its value, according to Human Rights Watch.

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