US Ambassador: We Support Demands of Lebanese Protesters


Despite the raging Coronavirus that has so far infected 77 people and killed 3, Lebanon’s revolution seems to be far from dead as the demands of the people are still being heard throughout the globe.

After a meeting with Prime Minister Hassan Diab, US Ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea made a statement of support to Lebanese protesters.

In her statement, she praises them and promises the United States support for the revolution’s demands.

Demonstrators hold Lebanese flags as they gather during a protest over the deteriorating economic situation, in Beirut, Lebanon October 18, 2019. REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir

“The Lebanese are calling for fighting corruption, and they have taken to the streets for this purpose. We support their demands and call for their fulfillment in order to overcome the economic crisis,” she stated.

She stressed the need for Lebanon’s government to begin adopting a policy of transparency, which would help Lebanon on the way to “to gain global trust.”

She further emphasizes her country’s support for Lebanon, stating: “The United States continues to support Lebanon and insists on the importance of supporting the economy, business, and bilateral relations, and we hope for a better future.”

Ambassador Shea was appointed to represent the US in Lebanon by President Donald Trump in October 2019, replacing recently Elizabeth Richard whose term ended.

This would be one of her first meetings with PM Diab and she has already taken a position of support for the Lebanese uprising like her predecessor.

Lebanon remains in a critical stage of its history and the protesters have declared their firm intention to return to the streets as soon as the health crisis is over.

The previous US ambassador Richards had said before leaving: “Lebanon is at a turning point. In October, citizens from all sects and all geographic regions went to the streets to demand better from their government, and they are right.”

In her words: “There is no reason why a country this blessed with so many gifts including credible human resources still does not have in 2020 a modern waste management system, 27/7 electricity for everyone and a single armed force under the control of the state.”

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