US-Based Cat Café Is Flying Out Cats From Lebanon


Once again, Sip and Purr Cat Café in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, will be rescuing vulnerable Lebanese cats by flying them to the United States to receive healthcare, food, and shelter.

The café, which has been operating since 2018, has done multiple similar missions in different MENA countries like Egypt and Qatar, as well as Lebanon.

Katy McHugh, the owner of Sip and Purr, first came to Lebanon in October of last year. She took 20 cats back to her Café in Milwaukee and ensured them the proper care they needed.

Now, she’s planning to rescue 25 Lebanese cats and give them a chance to find a loving home.

This is all under the International Scholarship Adoption Program (ISAP) founded by Sip and Purr to save pets that otherwise would be euthanized or left in the streets.

The café is the only place in America that rescues international cats on a regular basis.

Sip and Purr announced on Thursday that their team is coming to Lebanon in August. They shed light on how the current circumstances in the crisis-stricken country are affecting these cats.

The lack of basic needs for these pets puts them in need of a better place to be, which is where McHugh’s café steps in with her rescue and adoption program.

This rescue mission is one of the biggest focused on cats. 25 cats being taken halfway across the world is not an easy job, from the paperwork to the monetary fees and transportation.

Sip and Purr campaigned for it, asking for help in various ways, from donations to fostering.

This trip will be accompanied by Adam Myatt, better known as Cat Man of West Oakland. He will be documenting the entire mission from start to finish.

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