U.S. Envoy Pressed Lebanese Officials To Rescue Lebanon From Collapse

U.S. Envoy David Hale Says His Country Is Ready To Facilitate Lebanon-Israel Border Talks

United States Under Secretary of State David Hale criticized Lebanese politicians for their failure to form a government and warned them against continuing to delay formation.

On the second day of his visit to Lebanon, Hale pressed Lebanese officials to break the government deadlock and rescue the country from collapse.

He warned that those who continue to obstruct political progress risk becoming targets of punitive actions, accusing Hezbollah and Iran of undermining the state.

“There is a possibility today to form a government capable of stopping the collapse and implementing reforms, and it will get our support,” the official stated.

Hale also brought up the maritime border talks that Lebanon and Israel were holding before reaching an impasse, stressing that the U.S. would not turn its back on its interests in Lebanon.

He affirmed that ending the stalemate with Israel would “have potential to unlock significant economic benefits for Lebanon,” adding that the U.S. is ready to facilitate the negotiations between Lebanon and Israel and bring in experts to help.

Hale arrived in Beirut on Wednesday for a 2-day visit to Lebanon. It’s worth noting that the Lebanese pound registered an increase against the U.S. dollar on the black market as Hale met with Lebanese leaders on Wednesday afternoon.

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