U.S. Will Make Naturalization Easier For 9 Million People

The U.S. Will Facilitate The Naturalization Of 9 Million Migrants
Michael Stravato/The Texas Tribune

U.S. President Joe Biden‘s administration will take steps to streamline the naturalization of 9 million migrants in the U.S., AFP reported.

President Biden will sign several executive orders that will overhaul the U.S. immigration process, officials told AFP on Tuesday.

Biden will also order a review of the legal inhibitors of the immigration process that were previously imposed by former President Donald Trump.

“The review will likely lead to dramatic changes in policies,” a senior government official told the same source, explaining that the goal is to “restore faith in our legal immigration system, and promote integration of Americans.”

One of the new orders introduces a working group with the objective of reuniting migrant families separated by the 2018 “zero tolerance” policy, which enabled the prosecution and deportation of illegal immigrants, and the placement of their children in federal custody.

Another order instates legal mechanisms that will allow prospective immigrants to apply for U.S. residency from their countries, which would save them the trouble of taking dangerous smuggling routes.

Those decrees, in addition to the one that will make naturalization “more accessible to the more than nine million immigrants who are currently eligible to apply” for citizenship, come as part of a series of measures aimed at reversing Trump‘s policies.