The US Just Issued More Sanctions On Hezbollah

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The Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Department of the Treasury (OFAC) has included 6 people and 8 companies on its list on charges of financing Hezbollah.

The charges specifically target the Lebanese businessman Ahmed Jalal Reda Abdullah, “the financial intermediary” of Hezbollah, as well as 5 people connected to him and 8 of his companies in Lebanon and Iraq.

OFAC indicated in a statement that the persons and companies targeted by Washington are, respectively:

Ahmed Jalal Rida AbdullahPerson
Ali Rida AbdullahPerson
Hussein Ahmed Jalal AbdullahPerson
Hussein Rida AbdullahPerson
Hussein Kamel AttiaPerson
Joseph Elia HaidamousPerson
Mukhtar Products CorporationCompany
Focus Media SALCompany
United General ContractingCompany
United General Holdings CorporationCompany
United General Offshore CorporationCompany
United Corporation General ServicesCompany
United International Exhibitions LLCCompany
Focus Media SAL Offshore CorporationCompany

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The US Just Issued More Sanctions On Hezbollah

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