U.S. Military Representative Is Visiting Lebanon For Two Weeks

U.S. Military Representative Is On A Two-Week Visit To Lebanon

A representative of the United States Central Command is currently on a visit to review security upgrades installed at Lebanese Army border points.

In coordination with the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency, the representative, whose two-week mission ends on Friday, July 9, is checking on the border security systems at Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) land and maritime border regiments.

“The visit includes engagements with regimental commanders and the head of the LAF Navy to ensure the communications and surveillance systems integrate successfully into the operational framework at LAF headquarters,” the U.S. Embassy in Beirut said in a statement on Tuesday.

This is part of the U.S. assistance to the Lebanese Army, the Embassy said.

Since 2010, the LAF has received a total of more than $2 billion in support from the U.S., which recently raised the annual dedicated to financing the Lebanese Army to $120 million from the previous $105 million.

The initiative aimed at helping the Army face the difficult economic crisis that’s ongoing in Lebanon.

Separately from the allocated annual sum, the U.S. provided $59 million in June as a reimbursement to the Army for security expenses incurred in 2018.

In a move aimed at strengthening the armed forces’ position amid the unfavorable conditions, LAF Commander Gen. Joseph Aoun had requested additional support during an international conference dedicated to assisting the LAF.

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