US Reportedly Proposes Sponsoring Lebanese Army Presence In South Lebanon

United Nations Peacekeeping/Arab News

Since the outset of the conflict in Gaza, stemming from Hamas’s attack on Israeli territory on October 7th of the previous year, concerns have persisted over the expansions of the conflict and the potential for increased violence.

Meanwhile, tensions along the border between Hezbollah and Israel have somehow eased in recent days, coinciding with the observance of Ramadan, as international mediators strive to broker a ceasefire in Gaza.

However, it remains uncertain whether any ceasefire agreement reached in Gaza would extend to Lebanon.

Sources from “Al Arabiya” and “Al-Hadath” have disclosed that the US chief of staff has affirmed Washington’s financial commitment to support the Lebanese army.

This indicates that the United States has conveyed to Lebanon its willingness to bolster the comprehensive military infrastructure in the southern region.

Furthermore, Lebanese officials have received a warning from the United States regarding the escalating situation along their southern borders.

The message underscores the urgency in addressing Israeli threats, with the United States stating its inability to prevent conflict and its reluctance to oppose Israel’s insistence on securing its northern borders.

Additionally, there is a desire among Americans and European entities to provide financial assistance to the Lebanese Army, contingent upon developing a comprehensive plan.

The United States has also urged Lebanon to deploy substantial troop numbers along the borders, emphasizing that it cannot avert conflict should Hezbollah opt to escalate tensions.

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