The U.S. Reaffirmed Its Support To Lebanon’s Security & Stability


On Wednesday, General Kenneth McKenzie, commander of the U.S. Central Command, arrived in for a one-day visit to meet with President .

The U.S. Embassy in issued in its news release that Gen. McKenzie reaffirmed during his meeting with the Lebanese president “the importance of preserving ’s security, stability, and sovereignty, and underscored the importance of the strong partnership between the and the Lebanese Armed Forces.”

“We continue to support the , defending ’s independence and sovereignty,” Gen. McKenzie told President Aoun.

Reuters noted that Gen. McKenzie’s visit “comes after stepped up criticism of U.S. ambassador Dorothy Shea on Tuesday, accusing her of blatant interference in Lebanese affairs.”

On the ground, protests took place. Gen. McKenzie was met upon arrival with demonstrations, including supporters carrying signs against the and accusing the US embassy of interfering in ’s affairs.

On the U.S. front, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Wednesday that America will support as long as it does not become an Iranian proxy state, reported The Daily Star.

Coinciding with Gen. McKenzie’s arrival was that of Kassim Tajeddine, a Lebanese previously arrested in the US on the charges of supporting financially.

Tajeddine was recently released on “compassionate grounds” after three years in prison.

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