United States Will Sanction A Former Interior Minister Of Lebanon For ‘Rigging Elections’


Within the embargo launched by the United States against corrupt officials in Lebanon, a new name is now circulating to be the next to be sanctioned after the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gebran Bassil.

Lebanese politician and former member of the parliament of the Hariri’s Future Bloc Nouhad El-Machnouk will be charged with sanctions for alleged political corruption during his position as the Minister of Interior and Municipalities.

His charges are related to rigging elections in favor of Hezbollah by changing the results of the last parliamentary elections in the summer of 2018 to facilitating Hezbollah’s presence in the Lebanese government.

According to a diplomatic source of the Arabic Post, the coming sanctions will similarly include other Lebanese officials, leaders, former ministers, and members of parliament. They will be charged with corruption and “facilitating Hezbollah’s expansionist policy in the Lebanese state structure.”

Charges will also include the misuse of their official positions for personal purposes, as well as “concluding agreements with Hezbollah in politics and security, and concealing security information related to Hezbollah and its activities in Lebanon.”

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