USAID Launched Initiative To Increase Export Of Lebanese Wine To The U.S.


The “Wine from Lebanon: Exporting Lebanese Wine to the United States,” an event funded by USAID, just launched an export initiative to assist 15 Lebanese wineries to export their wine products to the United States.

The event was held on Friday in the presence of USAID Lebanon Mission Director Eileen Devitt, the Lebanese Minister of Economy and Trade Amin Salam, and representatives of the 15 Lebanese wineries.

USAID committed to assisting these wineries to meet U.S. product requirements, obtain legal permits, and place Lebanese wine in leading retail outlets in the U.S., starting from the State of Texas.

Minister Salam stated: “The Ministry is committed to lead the recovery process of Lebanon’s economy and we’re currently focusing our efforts on increasing the export value of Lebanese goods and services by supporting the formation of local economic clusters in key industries and subsectors.” 

USAID Lebanon Mission Director Eileen Devitt Devitt noted that “this effort will result in a positive effect for the entire wine sub-sector, as well as the agro-food sector, since it will open the door for other Lebanese wineries, and agro-food processors to expand into export markets.”

The Trade and Investment Facilitation (TIF) project promises to help increase economic opportunities in Lebanon and help with trade and investment that will provide necessary jobs, which will favor the Lebanese market and economy.

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USAID Launched Initiative To Increase Export Of Lebanese Wine To The U.S.

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