Lebanese Security Forces Warned Against Using CallApp

You Shouldn't Be Using CallApp, According To Lebanese Security Forces
Bintjbeil | Jan Vašek/Pixabay

Lebanese security forces have warned people in Lebanon against using the CallApp mobile application due to suspicious activity linked to Israel.

“In the framework of constant follow-up of suspicious applications, especially those created by the Israeli enemy, suspicions recently emerged about an application called CallApp, in terms of its operation by this enemy,” the General Directorate of State Security said in a statement on Wednesday.

As such, the Directorate called on Lebanese citizens and residents in Lebanon to be wary of “the dangers of using this application.”

This, it added, is because CallApp provides users with the ability to control and manage all calls on their smartphones.

The app has the ability to identify callers from all around the world, block calls, identify the email address of the caller when applicable, and record calls and social media accounts, State Security explained.

Thus, “its danger lies in its ability to control all the contact data of the phone.”

Last month, the Internal Security Forces (ISF) issued a warning about a Facebook account that had been offering jobs to people in Lebanon, also linked to Israeli intelligence.